Friday, June 11, 2010

Rings that Rock!

So I was checking Google Analytics, as I do everyday and discovered that MerCurios was among those featured in the Australian Fashion Blog "Fashion Clique".  What a sweet surprise!  Here's the link.  

Our ring is #3.  Enjoy!!

I love surprises like this, don't you??

I love all of the rings Fashion Clique chose for their feature.  Each and every one of them is available on Etsy, (except for #3 by MerCurios -- it sold within minutes of the feature)

Please see the Fashion Clique post for the designer credits and links back to the respective shops.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Define Yourself Giveaway

Hey everyone!  We are launching a collection of new rings called "Define Yourself" (many thanks to Marc at Top Hat Tattoo for coming up with the name on the fly -- you rock dude!) and decided to celebrate the launch with a rocking giveaway.


 "Define Yourself" is collection of One, Two, Three and even Four Finger Tattoo-style Banner rings  personalized with what defines YOU!  Rebel-chic and definitely edgy these rings are for those who want to be noticed & have their message heard!

Customize your ring with a word or phrase...something close to your heart, something that reminds you to stay true to you, something that makes you smile when you need it most, maybe something you're itching to say, but are just too polite *wink*.

The possibilities are endless...

The best thing about this giveaway?  You choose!  First decide which style of ring you would like, then decide what you would want it to say.  One lucky winner will receive the ring picked customized with their comment.

1. Leave a comment under this post with the style of ring you want and what you would have your ring say.
2. Follow this blog and/or become a fan of the MerCurios Facebook page here (Remember, you must be a follower of the blog and/or a FAN of the Facebook Page for your entry to count)
3. The winner will be chosen at random, one week from today on Monday, June 14 at Noon est.
4. Open to EVERYONE -- US & International residents

That's all there is to it.  Good Luck and please feel free to spread the word!

Like my chaotic style and want to see more of my work?  Check it out here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Latest projects...

This morning my husband came in to my studio and ran off with a large sheet of copper headed toward the garage (his studio).  I heard grinders grinding and hammers hammering and drills drilling.  Not 20 minutes later emerges with a riveted copper cuff in hand.  

1.  Why can't I seem to whip something THAT cool up THAT quickly?  All my projects seem take much longer than that, especially if there is hammering, drilling, soldering, antiquing and wrapping involved.

2.  A little healthy competition is good, but from under my own roof?? (lol)  Seriously though, my guy is a man of many talents and he inspires me to push the limits of creativity.

Here's his cuff ~ What do ya think??  Felt backed and all...

So of course I was inspired after seeing him so productive.  Here's what I accomplished today... Two rings and a caged crystal quartz.  The quartz ring was actually supposed to be an adjustable ring, however, the Firescoff brand ceramic flux just wasn't cooperating with me this evening.  No matter what I did, or how hard I tried, the darn solder just wouldn't hold and I blame it on the flux *wink*.  Rather than scrap the entire piece, I decided to take it in a whole new direction.  

I'm liking the way the caged crystal came out.  Just not sure what to do with it next.  Do you have any suggestions??  I'd love to hear them.

The adjustable ring is still my head and I will attempt it again tomorrow.  It's late; 1:30am actually and Gabriel will be up in a few hours.  Nite everyone.


We picked a winner!

Congratulations to Tracy!  ...Tracy was the winner of the Inked Up Mommies and MerCurios Giveaway.  If you recall each entrant had to leave a comment on the Inked Up Mommies Facebook page with what they would have their Custom Copper Anklet say...  Tracy decided she would have her anklet personalized with the light of her life, her son...
Missed this one?  No worries!  We are planning another Inked Up Mommies giveaway for the end of the month.  Stay tuned!