Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dreams really do come true

It's every designers dream to see their product grace the pages of fashion magazines.  I'm no exception, hence the title "dreams really do come true". 

I recently received word that our Quartz Two Ringer Ring was included in the "Crystal Castles" spread in the October issue of the Australian Fashion Magazine Cleo.  While the actual issue hasn't arrived on my door step yet, I do have the tear sheet to share with the world.

Honestly, words cannot begin to express how much this means to me.  I am so overwhelmed to be included amongst such well known and well established jewelry designers in the biz - Billy Bride, Damselfly, None the Richer and the list goes on - wow!

This makes two months in a row!  Last month, the very same ring was featured in the spread "15 Reasons we Heart Etsy" which was great too.  But an actual fashion spread not tied back to any selling venue, now that's awesome!

By the way, our ring is the clear quartz double ring on the models pinky and ring fingers -- the hand clutching her wrist.   

In my world and in all worlds "dreams really do come true", so lets dream BIG everyone!

Monday, September 27, 2010

3 Percent Less - The sad truth

Here on Long Island the local energy company - National Grid - is heavily advertising their "3% Less" campaign.  On the surface it's a No-Brainer!

This campaign focuses on using three percent less energy over the course of the next three years; under the guise that using less energy is not only good for the environment, but will be a savings to the customers.  And YES, using less energy in general is great for the environment -- we all should be that energy conscious.  However, there will never be a savings passed onto anyone and National Grid should not be advertising otherwise.

You would  think though, that using less of anything would save money, right?  I mean if you aren't using it, then you obviously are not spending money on it.  In this case, that is not true!

 Using 3% less energy is definitely good for the environment, but you will NOT see that reflected in your wallet - at least not in a good way.  Like all big corporations, National Grid has investors, employees, pension plans & medical benefits that need to get paid.  Where do you think the money comes from?  That's right, it's customers...US!  In this case using 3% less energy will only make the cost of the energy go up -- they will need to charge more for it to cover expenses. 

Did you know that National Grid charges a surcharge in mild winters where customers use less energy than they predicted.  Seriously, check your bill. Where's the savings in that?

Friday, September 24, 2010

We Picked a Winner - MomentusNY Giveaway

A BIG congratulations to Erin as she was the winner of the MomentusNY giveaway from earlier this week.  

If you recall, the prize was "your favorite item" from MomentusNY's Etsy Shop.  Erin's favorite happened to be the Gold Autumn Leaf & Fruits Necklace (pictured left).

Wear it well!

Thanks again to all whom participated.  Didn't win this one?  No worries!  There will be many more in the future.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In the Artists Den

Here is a peak behind the scenes into my studio, a.k.a. the spare bedroom...  

That's me and my little guy,  Gabriel sitting at the table where I do most of my work.  The Dremmel was a gift from husband one Valentines Day a couple of years ago.  We aren't your typical family.  

The Dremmel is my favorite tool --  I use it for everything... cutting, grinding, sanding, engraving ...everything!  Okay, the Dremmel and the torch.  I really like the torch too!

Unless I have a specific idea in my head busting to get out - like the oh so popular banner rings - I need everything splayed out in front of me to get to the juices flowing.  My sketching skills leave much to be desired, but I do try to scribble down ideas.  It's either that or loose them forever.  If I can't work on a project the minute I'm inspired to, it's gone. As long as I can understand my drawings, that's all that matters.   

Usually everything is all over the floor and I'm down there sorting though until something sparks an idea.  The the picture above is very deceiving - it was for an interview with the Three Village Patch; a local news source dedicated to our hometown.

So now that I let you into my world, what's yours like?  How do you get the creative juices flowing?  Are you organized or messy like me?  I'd love your thoughts...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Month in Review - August 2010

It's no surprise that I've been neglecting my blog lately, although I've tried to get back on track.  Things have been down right nutty here at the MerCurios HQ.  What with all the contests, features and mentions, I've had little time to me or my family.  So I'm going to try and sum it all up here...

Leopard Milkshake LOVES MerCurios! And they showed their their love with three different features this month:
We teamed up with Inked Up Mommies and Fashion Clique for two awesome & exclusive giveaways
MerCurios was interviewed for Yahoo Associated Content.  You can read that article here.

Lets see... Alexandra Keller included our Carpe Diem Banner Ring in her post: What I want - stamped metal.  Rame Ottone, the curator behind the blog Bling of the Day also featured our Carpe Diem Banner Ring in this lovely post.  Aleka of the blog Sunshine Sarah was so smitten with our custom rings that she featured us in this beautiful post.

Hmm, oh yeah - our 'quirky' Two-Finger Crystal Ring was included in the "15 reasons we heart Etsy" feature in the September Issue of Cleo Magazine, page 72  - and - on their website in the Fashion Editors Top 5 here.   Now how amazing is that?! ...and did I mention...they found us!

And we made the Etsy Front Page with the Caged Quartz Ring that was featured in a stunning treasury by Taylorseclectic

Wow!  I truthfully had no idea how busy August was until I pulled it all together to recap here.  Let's keep the momentum going!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Seeing is Believing

I stumbled upon these pink and green glow in the dark quartz crystals at a local gem & mineral show.  Actually I walked passed them.  It was my 4yr old son & husband who said "you have GOT to check this out!"  Begrudgingly I walked over, and to please them...picked up two green quartz points.

That was actually the best move I made!  30 minutes after creating and listing a two-finger ring with the first crystal, it sold!  And, I immediately had a request for a glow quartz ring from someone else.  However, this person wanted a single finger version in silver.  Needless to say I got my hands on some more glow in the dark quartz crystals right away, and have been having a hard time keeping them in stock ever since!

We only have a few stones left!!
Yellow = 1 /  Pink = 5 /  Green = 6

Coveting one of these edgy, yet oh so fun glow quartz crystals for yourself?  No Problem!  Contact me here to get the ball rolling.  Quantities are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis.

The feedback has been amazing!  Just glancing at our Facebook Fan Page you will immediately get caught up in all the buzz.  I only wish I could get one, just one clear picture of the quartz while it's glowing -- it is stunning!  The Pink stones glow Purple!!  Seriously, how cool are these stones?!

Seriously! How cool are these stones?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet my friend Ivy.

Classic J.Crew - that what's I call her.  Ever so elegant & timeless - thinking of Ivy brings to mind classic movies from 50's.  Kim Novak, Eva Gardner, Audrey Hepurn; each stunning on and off screen - and that's Ivy.

Exact opposites, but oh so similar, Ivy and I are the best of friends and I wanted you to meet her too!  Although if you frequent Etsy, I'm sure Ivy needs no introduction.  The designer behind MomentusNY - Ivy's designs have graced the Front Pages of Etsy a few times since opening up shop in June 2010.

Besides the front page, MomentusNY's designs have been and continue to be featured in countless Etsy Treasuries.  Ivy's designs are a reflection and extension of her - classic movie star meets modern woman.  In addition to designing beautiful jewelry, Ivy is a loving wife and full-time mom to two beautiful girls.

In the spirit of paying it forward, we are having a MomentusNY giveaway.  The giveaway will run now through Sunday, September 19 and the winner will be chosen at random on Monday, September 20.  

The Rules:
1. You must be a follower of this blog to enter.
2. Post your favorite item from MomentusNY here - choose carefully & make sure it is indeed your favorite as this is the PRIZE!

Bonus Entries:
1. Give your heart to MomentusNY on Etsy
2. Follow MerCuriosJewels on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway leaving the link in your comment - use the hashtag #momentusny (you may tweet up to three (3) times a day at least an hour apart for extra entries)

#WIN choice from #MomentusNY & @mercuriosjewels 
#etsy #giveaway ends 9/19

Good Luck! 

The giveaway is  open to all US & International residents 18 years and older.  The winner will be selected on Monday, September 20 by

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Giveaway

*****Labor Day Weekend Giveaway*****

YOU have a chance to WIN this MerCurios Custom Unisex Two Finger Banner Ring.

Simply "Like" MerCurios on Facebook here, then leave a comment on our wall with what your ring will say and your name will be entered into our competition! It's that simple!

Check out the Custom Ring up close & personal here, here, here & here!

The Competition will run from Saturday, September 4 through Monday September 6. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Tuesday September 7.

*Already a MerCurios Fan, No Problem! Leave a comment on our Facebook wall with what your ring would say & YOU will be entered into the competition too!

See more Original MerCurios Designs here!

Brooklyn Bound

Here are some pictures from the last Rumblers event under the BQE in Brooklyn - it was the 10th annual Kustom Kills & Hot Rod Thrills Car Show.  

The supporters were out in full-force.  Motor heads from all walks of life were there to either show off their ride or hopefully score one!

Everyone takes pictures of the cars, while I did too, most of my pictures are more candid moments.  I hope you enjoy them.

The waiting begins...  the space for the show is limited.  All the vendors need to be set up before any cars are allowed in.  This is the in-between time...

  Now, this picture...
Is a result of this...
And this...

The scavengers were sure out that day!  With the way that crowd was behaving you would think those photographers never saw a HOT Rockabilly Chic before. Gosh!

I will follow-up with pics of all the cars & some video too, so be on the look out!