Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make it Personal

This Christmas it's personal!  

Celebrating a birth of a child?  Your first home together, or a new move, perhaps?  That first kiss as husband and wife?  Remember it forever with a latitude longitude ring.

Have a song that you can't get out of your head? Or a line from a poem that keeps you going?  Why not wear it on your sleeve, literally.  We can fit 4 lines of text on our corset cuff bracelets.  It's available in silver too!

Prefer something a little more edgier; then our 2 and 4 finger knuckle rings are for you!  Theses rings have had graced the pages of  Status and Cleo Magazines.  Not to mention the Etsy Finds blog and front page too! 

Our narrow double finger ring is 1/4" and has it's ends exposed for an asymmetrical look and feel.

Our Number 1 Best Selling personalized two finger ring is 10mm wide and is reminiscent of a tattoo-style banner.

Here it is in sterling silver.  Prefer a brushed metal finish; this ring is available in a rustic copper too!

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Summer in Australia

Last nights challenge on Project Accessory was to accessorize a swimsuit.  The designers combed the beach and boardwalk at Cony Island for materials with which to create 3 accessories -- sandals, a head piece and an accessory of choice.

I loved what James came up with.  Having very long hair myself, his modern, chic and industrial-style hair sticks rocked in my opinion.  

...other than a hat or hair sticks, you really won't catch me wearing accessories at the beach or pool though.  It's not because I'm lazy, as I am most definitely not lazy.  In fact, it's because I'm so lathered up with sunblock that anything other than a hat would just get greasy and ruined.  I'm sure I over do it with the SPF 100 that I reapply every few hours; but that's what happens when your mom dies from skin cancer at 43.

Anyway, one of the looks that judges enjoyed last night was a mixture of shells and Swarovski crystals.  We mixed shells and raw crystals for our Spring/Summer 2011 Collection back in March/April of this year.  I'm taking the liberty of sharing it with you here just in case you missed it in the shop over the summer.

Clockwise from bottom left:
Smoky Quartz & Shell Knuckle Ring in Copper; Double Quartz & Shell Necklace; Smoky Quartz Metallic Shell Cuff; Smoky Quartz & Shell Necklace; Crystal Quartz, Skull & Shell Knuckle Ring; Rose Gold Oyster Shell & Quartz Knuckle Ring; Rose Gold Skull & Spiral Shell Ring; Crystal Quartz & Shell Two Finger Ring in Copper.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jingle all the way

Having trouble getting in the Holiday spirit? Or just want to feel like one of Santa's elves?  Get a 'Jingle Bell Ring' and carry the magic with you.

Wherever there is a temple, there is a bell; wherever there is a bell there is a temple 
Did you know...According to traditional eastern belief, the sound of a bell ringing purifies the holy place in which it rests. In essence, the temple bell evokes one's yearning for peace, balance, and harmony.

Fully adjustable, choose from Leopard, Orange or Purple Jingle Bells!  Pick up your MerCurios 'Jingle Bell Ring' here.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Project Accessory

Show of hands - who watched Project Accessory last week?  Who will be watching tonight?

I love accessories! You can't spend 20+ years of your career in the Accessories Industry and not love them.  They make or break the outfit. Add the finishing touch.  They are very personal, and perhaps more importantly, accessories allow a persons personality to shine through.

Believe it or not, I only found out about the show the day of the NYC auditions, otherwise I would have been in that cattle call - side-by-side with my peers vying for the opportunity of a lifetime.  That said, everything happens for a reason AND there is always next season...right?

Of course after watching the first episode, who knows.  I'm sure the team will be challenged to do more than just jewelry.  Shoes, Hats or Handbags perhaps.  While I'm sure I could make handbag, I doubt it would be anything anybody would want to carry, lol.  Forget about a hat or pair or pair of shoes.  Then again, we never what we can accomplish until we try, right?

Personally, I thought the designers were FAB! Each had their own design aesthetic that they brought to the table. While some styles may have been similar, each transformation of the basic "white T and jeans" was unique to the respective designers vision.

Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to future episodes.  I can not wait to see the challenges and how the individual designers attack them.  As a designer myself, I find it very inspiring and thought provoking.  The only down fall is that someone has to go home each week. - it is a competition after all.


Carpe Diem Banner Ring from MerCurios

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What do you think?

I had to stop what I was doing when this popped into my head.  The gold coil was a leftover piece from a project that didn't quite work out like I had intended; the blue quartz was wrapped in a silver cage with spider legs that I wasn't quite feeling either - both were just staring at me and then POP! this was born. 

It reminds me of a birdcage, but I prefer to call it "orbital".  While I definitely think this design is cool, I'm not so sure I could duplicate it if I tried.  In its current state it is a ring, but I'm wondering if it should be a pendant. Or even better a ring / pendant.  What do you think?

While I'm on the topic of opinions, what should this coffin shaped agate druzy be?  So far I have one vote for a two finger ring and one vote for a bracelet.  Usually I envision every project, however, I'm completely stumped on this one.  Perhaps it just isn't his time, or perhaps my creative juices require some stimulation or a battery recharge.

I'd love to hear all of your comments, thoughts and opinions.

Thanks in advance!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Metal Clay Rescue

Thought you had toss your old, dried up metal clay?  Think again!

A few years ago at Christmas, my loving and oh so generous husband gifted me with a complete PMC Clay starter kit.  It had everything but a kiln.

Believe it or not, I wasn't smitten with it. I never liked the feel of a newspaper under my finger tips, and so I never read the paper.  It was the same with the metal clay.  I'm no sculptor to begin with, and the feel of the moist clay under my fingers was yucky.  Not to mention the left over residue that was hell getting off once it dried.  With that, the clay went into a drawer never to been seen or heard from again...until now!

A while back I was inspired to pull it out, but it was all dried up & solid as a brick.  Even completely sealed, never opened packages were hard as a rock.  Metal Clay has a shelf life, who knew!  Although all dried and completely unusable, I couldn't bring myself to toss it.  I've been known to waste my share of money, however, wasting anothers hard earned dough is a thought I cannot bear.  So back in the drawer it went.  Until now!
Just last week I picked up the most recent copy of Metal Clay Magazine all because of a spread on photographing jewelry.  As I'm flipping through the pages I see in big letters "Reconstituting Silver Metal Clay" - what timing! 

A great article by Lisa Cain on how she recycles her not-yet-fired dried up metal clay.  Guess what?  A coffee grinder is all you need to turn that dried up silver clay into moist sculpt-able pieces.  The concept is simple; add small amounts of the dried clay to the grinder and grind to a fine powder.  Move your fine powder to  bowl, slowly add drops of water mixing the powder into a clay.  Voila, you have refurbished metal clay ready for sculpting & firing.

I cannot wait to put this to the test!  I do need to fulfill my current wholesale and custom commitments before I can *play* with any new ideas.  But boy are they brewing.  I'll let you know how I do in a follow-up post.  In the meantime, I'd love to know your thoughts on the topic.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's NOW! - Big, Bold & Chunky

As you may or may not know, I ventured out the Henri Bendel Open See in March...again.  You can read about the first adventure here.  

This time we showed our big, chunky bracelets and chokers dripping with crystals, druszy's, agates, geodes, etc...; crystal encrusted knuckle dusters and (the original) #1 selling "personalized" double banner ring.  We were sure to leave the skulls at home as they are "too edgy" for the Bendel Girl - I know this from the previous Open See visit.  {If you're not sure who the Bendel Girl is then just watch Isla Fischer in Confessions of a Shopoholic; 2009 -- just kidding, but I do love that move so}

The buyer immediately picked up the personalized rings, looking at them curiously, as I knew she would.  She moved on to the bracelets and chokers, looked up at me and said "Great pieces, but your chains are too big for us".  With that it was time to move to the left & let the next indie designer hoping for a Trunk Show through.

Niki Minaj in XXL Magazine

Once again MerCurios was passed over by Henri Bendel, and once again MerCurios proved that we are ahead of the trend.  How? Why with the big, chunky chains of course.  All the celebrities from Lady Gaga to Beyonce to you name it - they are all seen wearing huge chains around their necks - at the beach or on the town.  Big, Bold Chunky chains are IN, HOT, HIP & NOW!

Beyonce taken at LAX

Guess what?  We will be going back to the Open See for a third time.  What can I say, being rejected by Bendel's is good for business.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Networking 101 - Planting Seeds

Do you carry business cards with you?
Do you wear your own product?
Are you comfortable and confident when speaking about your product?

Well you should be, and here's why:

I cannot tell you how many customers we have had the pleasure of doing business with - not because they ask about my jewelry - but because I mention theirs!  That's right! I mention theirs.  Below is a real conversation that took place while on line in my local Starbucks.  It can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Me: "Ooo, I love your necklace.  Is that Rock Love?"  Them: "Yes, how did you know?"  Me: "I'm a big fan.  I would recognize Allisons' work anywhere." Them: "Me too, I love my necklace"  Me: [pulling out my business card case] forgive me for being presumptuous.  I'm a local jewelry designer, whose style is organic and raw - lots of free hand wire wrapping, big rocks and crystals, etc.  Here is my card in case you would like to see more of our work. Them: [looking at the pictures on the back of the card] "Wow, beautiful stuff.  I'll definitely check out the site" Me: "Thank you"  

...That was the end of it.  I went on to place my drink order and they theirs; we went our separate ways.   The very next day I received an order for three custom pieces.    

It doesn't always work out like that.  Sometimes it takes weeks before I hear from them.  Sometimes I never hear from them at all, and that's okay.  I think about it like this - one more business card is one more seed planted.   

We would love to hear your thoughts... 

Are you comfortable being the initiator?
How would you react in a similar situation?  
Do you or have you gotten business from the most unlikely of places?
Any tips for fellow readers on what has worked or not worked for you?


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The MerCurios Mark

It was a long time coming and it's finally here - the MerCurios Brand Stamp!
The Future:
Each and every MerCurios piece that leaves our studio from this point forward will have the mark.  For two reasons...

1. MerCurios is and always has been a brand, so it is only customary that the product reflect that.   Having each piece marked with the logo will tie everything together and create a cohesive brand statement.

2. The second reason is much less glamorous - having the mark on our pieces will set us apart from the marketplace and act as reassurance to our customers that what they have in their possession is indeed an Original Handcrafted MerCurios CreationThere will be no mistake - you either have the original or you don't.

The Past:
To all my loyal friends and customers, if you would like your original MerCurios creation branded with the MerCurios mark simply send your piece back to me. Contact me to get started.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In the Works - Rose Gold

I have become completely smitten with rose gold.

Above are three NEW rings, though only one is currently available in the shop.

Clockwise from the top: 1. Hot pink agate druzy two (2) finger ring.  2. Tangerine quartz double (2) finger ring. 3. Found shell & crystal quartz ring.  All are crafted with 14 karat (gold-filled) rose gold.

Did you know? Gold filled is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to brass or copper. It contains more gold than gold-plated or vermeil and is far more durable. It is tarnish resistant and will not wear off or discolor the skin. 

What are your thoughts on rose gold?
Would like to see us expand the collection?
With the sky-rocketing prices of precious metals, how do you feel about gold-filled jewelry?
Are you willing to pay a little bit more for a gold-filled piece versus a piece crafted with silver or gold plated wire?

Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.  I look forward to hearing from you...


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Local News

I've been a bit lax in keeping you guys updated, partly because I've been (and am) inundated with custom work and partly because I really only write - even something as simple as an update - when I'm inspired.   

With that, in case you missed the tweets, here are links to two recent Long Island write-ups from the past month or so.  Although it may not seem like a big deal from the outside, it is a big deal to us.  MerCurios has been included in numerous International Fashion Magazines and Blogs, local press it seems, is not as easy come by. 

First, MerCurios was on page 24 of the Memorial Day Weekend issue of The Independent.  "Just A Little Goth" is the title of the article.  It was so much fun being interviewed by the editor.  The conversation flowed like I was catching up with an old friend.  You can read the story here, just be sure to click to page 24.

Shortly there after, MerCurios was featured in Clothes Line - a Fashion Blog off shoot of Long Island Press Newspaper.  This story has a completely different vibe.  Feel free to check it out here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Accessories Magazine

The MerCurios Glow in the Dark 2 Finger Ring was the *Item of the Day* - Accessories Magazine, May 18, 2011.

See the full article HERE!  ...So maybe they spelled MerCurios wrong - still this is a dream come true!  And I am eternally grateful.

Check out our What's Now post to see more amazing Glow in the Dark {NEON} Jewels.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We did it again!

Our "After the Rain" Rings for Australia (Helping Hand) were featured in the March 2011 issue of CLEO Magazine!

I am so proud to say that MerCurios alone has raised almost $500 for the Queensland Disaster Relief to date.  We will continue to raise funds through the sale of our rings as long as Queensland Disaster Relief Appeal remains active.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

What's NOW!

My June issue of In Style Magazine arrived yesterday and lo' and behold Neon is "What's Now!"  From clothing to shoes to home furnishings the brighter the better!

If you recall, MerCurios has had Natural Raw Glow in the Dark Quartz Crystal Jewelry available since September 2010 (Seeing is Believing) - AGAIN ahead of the trend

Plan on getting Plugged In to What's Now?  MerCurios has you covered with our signature Knock 'em Dead - Take NO Prisoner modern fusion of fashion & style.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Modern Primitive

Modern Primitive! That's how Jewelry Designer Victoria Tillotson, a.k.a @chicmetal on Twitter describes MerCurios.  Victoria recently wrote a guest post for Chic Galleria in which she featured a few fellow jewelry designers & we were one of them. Sweet!

Check out the entire write up here.

And of course many thanks to Victoria for such a wonderful article.  You ROCK!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Design your own Jewelry

Did you know at MerCurios you can design your own Jewelry?  

Perhaps you would like your very own custom agate druse two finger ring with skull accent? Or a chunky cathedral link bracelet with crown accent?  Maybe a simple boho chic glow quartz necklace?  Whatever you are in the market for, with MerCurios the possibilities are endless...

Simply visit our Facebook page and head over to our "new materials" photo album here where you will see a vast array of stones, charms, chains & findings.

Step 1:   
  • Choose your piece 
(Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, Earring, Anklet, etc...)
Step 2: 
  • Choose your components 
(Metal - Stone(s) - Charm(s) - Findings, etc...)
 Step 3: 
  • Include those details in an email to us
(we will get back to you within 48 hours with a price quote)

It's that simple!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Banana Republic biting MerCurios?

It appears MerCurios has quite the admirer, and I must admit I am a bit flattered.  On the left is a ring that just popped up at Banana Republic.  On the right is the original MerCurios design from March 2010.  We have been selling our ring for about a year now, and it has been featured in countless well-read Fashion Blogs - not to mention CLEO MAGAZINE...twice! (read all about it here and here.)

Of course the ring isn't going to be an EXACT duplicate; you are not going to get wire wrapping like that in a factory in China!

It's official! MerCurios doesn't follow the trends - WE SET THEM! ...I always knew I was ahead of the curve. ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recipe: Stracciatella Soup

Stracciatella Soup

What you need:
1. Frozen Spinach, chopped - 2 10oz packages - you can use fresh spinach, personally I find the frozen easier to work with.
2. Garlic - about 6 cloves or so finely chopped
3. Chicken broth or stock - 3 cups
4. Water - 2 cups 
5. Black pepper - 1/2 tsp
6. Grated Parmegiano Reggiano cheese - 1/2 cup (more for topping)
7. Large eggs - 2 beat

What you do:
1. Saute the spinach and garlic in a little extra virgin olive oil until the spinach has thawed (if frozen) or until the spinach cooks down (if fresh). 2. Add the chicken broth, water & black pepper;  bring to a slow boil; reduce the heat to medium low.  3. Once the broth & water has gelled, slowly stir in the grated cheese.  4. Slowly drizzle in the egg - it should cook as it's being poured in.  If not, then your soup is not hot enough. 5. Cook for about 10 minutes, or so.  6. Serve

Serve over rice or pasta.  We enjoy ours with cheese filled tricolor tortellini.  Be sure to have lots of Italian Bread on hand for mopping up all the extra juice.  NOTE: if you have left overs, the rice or pasta will absorb most of the liquid so add some water before refrigerating or when you take it out to re-heat.

What's your favorite soup to enjoy on a cold winters day?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh Deer!

There were two deer in our backyard the other day.  Well, actually in the backwoods behind our backyard.  As soon as I got the call from my neighbor Pam; I rushed to get Gabriel into his snow pants and boots and hurried into the backyard. 

Trust me when I say these pictures do not do the experience justice.  There were two deer and they were so close at one point.  That night we received another two feet of snow...

These pictures are courtesy of my neighbor Rob Botway.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Let it snow

We woke up to another two feet of snow this morning.  This is in addition to the two feet that Mother Nature was kind enough to dump on us just over two weeks ago.  ...I just heard another nor'easter is headed our way next week too.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Helping Hand

The horrible flooding happening in Australia is close to my heart.  The Australian people have been a HUGE supporter of MerCurios.  Not only do we have an amazing fan and customer base down under; thanks to the power of social media we have lots of friends there too!  Some of whom came within meters of going under water.

That said, we designed special versions of our #1 selling Personalized Banner Ring specifically to help raise money for The Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.  This disaster relief fund assists the  people and communities in North Eastern Australia who have been affected by the devastating floods.

The ring is available as an edgy, two-finger knuckle duster at a $40 retail OR a simple single finger wrap which retails for $35.   Inspired by Queensland's Premier Anna Bligh's speech - the phrase  "after the rain, enters the sun" is etched onto the rings in both English and Latin.  In her speech, Anna Bligh says: "This weather may break our hearts...but it will not break our spirits", which captures the situation and spirit of the Australian people.  I believe these rings capture the spirit of the people as well.

The rings (and many other generously donated items) can be found in the AusDisaterRelief shop on Etsy.  100% of the proceeds from each sale go to the The Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.  As of this post, AusDisaterRelief has already raised over $2,000!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Putting Kustom back in Customer

When Scott contacted me about personalizing a set of Brass Knuckles as a gift for his girlfriend I completely misunderstood him.  I thought he wanted a set of my Custom 2 Finger Banner Rings - 10 minutes into the conversation I realized this was not the case.

Scott had already purchased real brass knuckles and needed me to add the personalization.  He went on to say that he found the MerCurios website by Googling "brass knuckles" & thought my aesthetic fit perfectly with what he had envisioned.

The message - "LOVE MORE"; "Daniel Scott?" and "FEAR LESS"; "Redd Scott." - is something personal between the two.  

Want your Brass Knuckles made new? Send them to me and  I'll happily add your message.  What you do with them once they are returned is entirely up to you *wink*.  ...a paper weight, choker, conversation piece or utilitarian...