Thursday, July 14, 2011

The MerCurios Mark

It was a long time coming and it's finally here - the MerCurios Brand Stamp!
The Future:
Each and every MerCurios piece that leaves our studio from this point forward will have the mark.  For two reasons...

1. MerCurios is and always has been a brand, so it is only customary that the product reflect that.   Having each piece marked with the logo will tie everything together and create a cohesive brand statement.

2. The second reason is much less glamorous - having the mark on our pieces will set us apart from the marketplace and act as reassurance to our customers that what they have in their possession is indeed an Original Handcrafted MerCurios CreationThere will be no mistake - you either have the original or you don't.

The Past:
To all my loyal friends and customers, if you would like your original MerCurios creation branded with the MerCurios mark simply send your piece back to me. Contact me to get started.

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