Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Putting Kustom back in Customer

When Scott contacted me about personalizing a set of Brass Knuckles as a gift for his girlfriend I completely misunderstood him.  I thought he wanted a set of my Custom 2 Finger Banner Rings - 10 minutes into the conversation I realized this was not the case.

Scott had already purchased real brass knuckles and needed me to add the personalization.  He went on to say that he found the MerCurios website by Googling "brass knuckles" & thought my aesthetic fit perfectly with what he had envisioned.

The message - "LOVE MORE"; "Daniel Scott?" and "FEAR LESS"; "Redd Scott." - is something personal between the two.  

Want your Brass Knuckles made new? Send them to me and  I'll happily add your message.  What you do with them once they are returned is entirely up to you *wink*.  ...a paper weight, choker, conversation piece or utilitarian...


Christie Cottage said...

I hadn't seen brass knuckles in ages! LOL

I hope you'll stop by my blog today. I have a very special post.


Today's blog post
A tribute to my husband on the 10th anniversary of his death


Meekiyu said...

lolol well that's a very cool gift =D

dani said...

Why did I not see this sooner? I love it, beautiful & edgy.