Saturday, July 18, 2009

Giving Back -- Cast your Vote!

This year especially, MerCurios has seen it's share of success and I am truly grateful. I've been wanting to give back for a while now, however, couldn't decide on a direction.

Moving forward, I would like to donate $1.00 from each sale to charity. This would include retail sales as well as wholesale & consignment orders.

The idea is to involve my customers -- give them (you) the choice of where the $1.00 is going. To keep things simple I will offer 3 charities. You, the customer, would choose which of the 3 charities to donate your dollar to.

I need to narrow down the list to three charities. This is not any easy task as each and every charity & cause holds significant importance to its founder and the community its helps.

So who would you donate to? St Judes? Autism speaks? Stand up 2 Cancer? Coalition for the homeless? ASPCA? Susan G. Koman? Rescue Ink? And the list goes on & on... What charities are closest to your heart?

At the end of the day, I would like to see diversity & to keep the donations in my backyard (United Sates).

Based on your suggestions, I will announce the three charities on August 1st and the donations will be retro active through January 2009. They will be sent to the respective charities at the end of the calendar year.

Cast your vote!



Audrey said...

I would pick Autism. I drive a school bus and have one autistic student that I pick up everyday. She is the sweetest!!

charise said...

I think its great that you want to give to charity! im gonna have to say animals and children charities ALL THE WAY (and you may want to look into more local or smaller charities) they seem to be the ones that are hurting the most

Paul said...

I would pick St. Judes. I have been a supporter for years and everytime I see those childrens face and how strong they are with everything they are going through I just cant help to break down knowing that they may never get a chance to live a whole beautiful life.

kpong said...

LOVE this idea. My vote would absolutely be to the Susan G Komen foundation for Breast Cancer. It touches so many of our lives. In my family it's hit us 4 times. Good luck!


Sema Gurerk- Floweredsky Jewelry said...

I would also pick St. Judes. Children are the future adults and we need to help them for healthy futures of all. I have been also working with the "The Tomorrow Fund " for more than a year and give 20% of my proceeds when I go to Hasbro Children Hospital as a visiting artist. I see their eyes still light up even though they are having really tough times in their little bodies. This is a wonderful thing to do Mary-Jo. I am so happy for you that you are also paying it forward ... You rock...

Aviva said...

The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life is the cause closest to my heart. I spend many hours volunteering for this very special event.

Miss Vicky M. said...

My suggestion would be perhaps for a environmental charity there are a few for conserving and protecting the environment. There are soo many important causes it is very hard to choose but i think the earth and our environment are very important causes too, especially now!

Mango Delights said...

What a GREAT idea! My vote is for abused children. As a previous poster mentioned, you may have to find a smaller, local charity for this cause. Secondly, I would vote for Susan G. Komen. :o) You are AMAZING for giving back.