Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back to basics give away

Shooting Stars Necklace from MerCurios

In honor of getting back to our roots with the MerCurios jewelry collection, I've decided to give away one of these new Shoot Star Necklaces. The blue goldstone and puffy star pendant measure about 2.75" long and hangs from 20 inches of silver plated chain.

Goldstone is made in a lab by mixing glass and copper.  Although it's man made, the metaphysical properties of goldstone are not diminished.  Goldstone represents luck and prosperity, as well helping to align the base and sacral chakras.  Personally, I just love the way it sparkles.

UPDATE July 17: simply leave a comment below to enter, no need to make any kind of guess.

To enter to win one of these Shooting Star necklaces, simply visit the listing here and then leave a comment to this post with your guess as to how we are getting back to our roots.  Here's a hint: It's all in the copy.  

Good Luck and Have fun!! 

Be sure to leave your email so I can reach you should lady luck fortune you!

One winner will be chosen on July 20.

This is open to international and domestic readers.

Please only comment once and be aware that I have to moderate my comments (we get so may spam comments!), so it will not show up automatically.

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Thank you, always.


miller canning said...

listen girl, i love that you're getting back to your roots. are you coloring your hair back or what? it doesn't matter to me! i want this necklace!!

big hug!

getyourb0dybeat said...

I love this! Going back to your roots... hmm. i think you're recreating old ideas in a fresh new way! :)

Runs With Trauma Shears said...

getting back to your roots....well we all come from the earth. using earth materials to create new pieces of jewelry.

Lou-Anne Wheeler-Hood said...

As always I love your creative mind... This Star is gorgeous!

Katie Loper said...

I love your jewelry!!! Hmm back to your roots, did you ever make a wish on a star?! :) hopefully one day I'll have more of your jewelry!!

LauraLee said...

i am glad YOU are happy with what you are doing.... that is really the most important thing...

Joey-Lee Campbell said...

Even though you said we didn't have to guess, I'm going to guess anyways. I'm thinking it has something to do with your name. MerCurios. The planet, Mercury, according to Wikipedia, "has three rotations about its axis." I think the three blue goldstone beads (?) represent this.
I could be completely off, but when you said "roots," I immediately thought of the planet.

Rachel Fligman said...

Hmmn back to our roots......well based on the elements of the necklace and the connection to the chakras I'm going to say that we are reconnecting with our inner spirit....allowing the stars, hum of the earth and inner voices guide our way...

audrey aud said...

Love the guesses already made. :)
Back to your roots because you're mixing materials to create something awesome? :) All I know is that you've always created some unique and awesome jewelry, and you're always ahead of the game! :)

MerCurios said...

Well I just wanted to say a BIG, heart-felt "Thank You" to everyone who entered to win the celestial necklace.

The winner was chosen at random using a program called The Hat.

And the winner is...Katie Loper.

Congratulations Katie!! Please contact me at MerCuriosJewelry [at!] Gmail [dot] com with your mailing address and I will get the Celestial Necklace in the mail to you ASAP.

Thanks again everyone!!