Monday, July 12, 2010

A moment to reflect

Things have been happening so fast lately that I haven't had the time to digest all of it, let alone sit back and revel in it. It's as though I'm caught up in a tornado.  Freddy - that's my better half - say my press is better than my sales & at-a-glance he is right.  The press has been phenomenal - from Stylists and Major Fashion Magazines requesting samples to News Articles and everything in between.

The sales though have not been half bad either!  The major winner is the multi-finger "Define Yourself" Tattoo-style Banner Ring.  Did I mention it's a custom piece so each one is unique to the person wearing it.  It's UNISEX too!

Besides, "sometimes you have to run before you can walk" - a quote from the infamous Tony Stark.  I think that's the case here...first comes the interest, then comes the $; right?

That said, here's the latest MerCurios hype; ENJOY!!


Lonesome Road Studio said...

Wow, congratulations on all the good press - sales will soon come!!!

MerCurios said...

Thanks @Lonesome - that's exactly what my husband says! ;*)