Friday, February 12, 2010

Truth, She wanders in...

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to an email from Bonfires letting me know my Red Jasper Goddess Bracelet was featured in her treasury.  I L-O-V-E all shades of red and blue, and this assortment of items creates a wonderful color palate so full of depth and texture.

As it turns out Bonfires is a wonderful artist in her own right, creating masterpieces from recycled paper - including greeting cards and sculptural collages.  Please check out Bonfires shop here.

Like something you see in the treasury?  I've included a list of the items with links back to their respective shops below.  Enjoy!!

1. Sunset Blank Greeting Card; by Carlin Card Creations
2. Red Jasper Goddess Charm Bracelet; by MerCurios
3. Strawberry Creme Handpainted Art Ring; by Allover Art
4. Seaside Excursion; by mmcullen
5. Vanilla Cupcake Original Painting; by Lunatique
6. Bird Note Cards; by Whimsy Pics
7. Chipboard Stickers; by Krazy Kate Designs
8. Wandering 8x10 Professional Print; by Miz Katie
9. Vintage Victorian Silk Velvet Shawl; by Aunt Sue's Old & New & Lovely Too
10. Key to Love Vintage Valentine Box; by Candyragz
11. The West End Review Coloring Book Palate; by Sweet Twee Lab
12. Cherry Blossom Paper; by Bonfires

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