Saturday, February 6, 2010


All you need is love, and love is all you need


1. all you need is love; pixiechixs
2. love vertical necklace; sissypretties
3. parisian gift bags - love; 5dollarfrenchmarket (SOLD)
4. filigree heart locket; mstevensondesigns
5. 10 things I love about you; littleclouds (SOLD)
6. agape corset ring; mercurios
7. lovely red shoe clips; rouziligarden
8. love vinyl wall decal; circlelinestudio
9. moustache love ear muffs; yummyspocket
10. print of love note card; sixsisters
11. heart of peace necklace; oneheartjewelry
12. love flower & feather headband; pinkandpigtails

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