Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not one Treasury, but two!

Late last night I received a tweet (that's Twitter jargon for a message) from Valenstar that MerCurios was featured in her latest Treasury "Beads Galore".  I was so excited & couldn't wait to see it, that I left the boys on the couch and ran to the laptop at midnight to check it out.  I love my new android phone, however, it has one shortcoming - no flash player.  So off to the laptop I ran.

I'm so glad I went to the Treasury via the way of Craftopolis, because I then discovered that MerCurios was included in not just one Treasury, but two!  Cocoandchia featured the MerCurios AGAPE Corset Ring in their latest Treasury "Splendifierous".  How cool is that!

Two Treasuries at once, that is a first for me and I am so grateful to both Valenstar and Cocoandchia for including MerCurios in their stunning Treasuries.