Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Everyone can have a Treasury, including YOU!

The Treasuries on Etsy are a wonderful way to share your favorite items or express your mood.  And, if the Treasury you created captures the essence of Etsy, then it might even appear on the front page.

Now there are those that wait patiently through the wee hours of the morning for the Treasury to open up -- that's not me.  The Treasury does not always open up at the most opportune times for me, however, if the time is right then I'm always grabbing one.

Here's how:
  1. Check the Treasury Clock over at Craftopolis -- if the timing is right then click the link and head right on over to the respective Treasury to wait.
  2. Have your Treasury Title ready and copied into your browsers clipboard ready to go. ( Once the Treasury opens, it remains open for a brief period so you must be ready)
  3. Sort the Treasury by expiration so the next list set to expire appears at the top of page.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and wait!  DO NOT refresh your browser.  If you're like me and your a bit impatient than you can click the page numbers as a way of refreshing, but I can not stress enough NOT to refresh the browser.
  4. Once the Treasury opens paste your title and hot "ok create" -- that's it, you're in!

 Things to note
  1. There is no limit to the amount of Treasuries that can be created, so in essence everyone waiting can in fact have a treasury.
  2. The Treasury MAY open early -- as long as the list is above 333 people have the opportunity to delete their treasuries. once the list drops to 333 (or 222 for West) nothing can be deleted and it becomes a fair playing field.
  3. The Poster Sketch tool is great way to play and prep for your Treasury.

To be considered for the Front Page Etsy requires:
  1. Well photographed items
  2. A variety of items across different categories
  3. There must be 4 alternates (many Treasuries I see are not done yet, which also narrows the pool)
  4. Can't use Treasuries that use a curator's own item (we can take it out, but then there are not enough alternates)
  5. Can't use Treasuries that use more than one item from the same shop.

Read what admin has to say about Treasuries & the Front Page here.

As of this post, Treasury West is set to open in an hour and a half - GO GO GO!

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