Monday, August 30, 2010


I've learned that I have to do things when I'm inspired to do them.  There is a divine plan that comes with my bouts of epiphany, even if I can't see it at the moment.  Maybe "divine" is too strong a word, but read on & I'll think you"ll get what I'm trying to say.

A good example of what I'm trying to convey is the two finger quartz skull ring.  One night I was inspired to make it and list it right away.  Now this is something I usually never do - I have pieces sitting in trays that were created back in February that have still not made it to the website for sale.  Anyway, within 10 hours of listing the skull quartz double ring it sold! 

They say there is a teacher for every student.  And I believe that can be taken one step further - "there is a designer for every style".  What I mean is...every time I'm inspired to create something, there is already a person for whom it is destined.  If I keep the momentum going by photographing and listing the piece as soon as it's created then it is likely to find it's home sooner rather than later.  Catch my drift?

Another good example of this is the Glow in the Dark Quartz ring - within 30 minutes of listing this ring it sold! I immediately had a request for a silver version & happen to have one more stone on hand with which to fulfill the request.

I can't take all the credit for the Glow in the Dark stones though.  I walked right past them at the last gem & mineral show.  Both my husband and four year old son said "you have GOT to buy these".  As usual, they were right!

Want your very own Glow in the Dark Quartz jewelry piece?  No Problem!  Custom requests are my specialty.  You can see lots more crystal jewelry, including the piece that was featured in the September 2010 issue of Cleo Magazine here.

Do you follow your intuition (a.k.a. moments of inspiration)?  Have suggestions for staying on track?  I'd love some feedback if you feel so inclined - they don't call my style chaotic for nothing.

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