Wednesday, August 11, 2010

West Meadow Beach

Gabriel & Mommy

Going to the beach today with Gabriel was the BEST thing I did today.  The tide was so low and there were sand bars everywhere.  

We walked out to one, made foot prints in the sand and witnessed nature up close and personal.

Gabriel's little hand holding a baby jelly fish

The shores were littered with these jelly egg sacs - I knew they were eggs of babies, but had NO IDEA they were baby jelly fish!  

Apparently come the end of August, these little guys will be grown.

hermit crab

This little guy was one of many hermit crabs scurrying along the sand bar.  The hermit crabs were all shapes and sizes from the tiniest spec to this guy - he was the largest we saw today.

The tiny snails were fun to watch too.  There were hundreds making their way along the sand, some burrowing deep before our eyes.

This really was a fun afternoon.  North Shore beaches are so rocky that it takes low tide for nature to reveal itself.  This was truly a first for me as I've never walked out to a sand bar.  I'm so happy that I could do this with Gabriel today, allowing him to experience this for the first time too!  We go to the aquarium all time, but it's nothing like this.  Today was beautiful, for sure.

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