Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Etsy Blog: Random Acts of Kindness

What a glorious way to start off the month of November; being included among those featured in an article in Etsy's Blog, The Storque.  This article in-particular was titled "Random Acts of Kindness" and centers on Kind Over Matter

Kind Over Matter focuses on feeling good and promoting positivity - sounds like how I live my life!  No wonder our "Carpe Diem" ring made into the inspirational post pics.  Kind Over Matter strives to help independent artists and craft persons follow their respective dreams with mico-grants, funded by donations and proceeds from their Etsy Shop.  The best part of this whole thing? WE - you and I - the public at large - decide who shall be awarded the grants.  How cool is that?!

Read more about Kind Over Matter on their Blog.  Here is a link to the Etsy Blog article.  And of course I could not forget our Carpe Diem Ring here.  That's it below -- second row, middle picture




Christie Cottage said...

Great post. Thank you for sharing!


Southern Belle said...

Congrats on being in it :)