Friday, November 5, 2010

Mistakes = Vulnerablilty = Human

We all make mistakes. However, we don't like to admit them. We don't like to admit our mistakes because doing so makes us vulnerable. And showing any kind of weakness in today's society is a no-no.

I'll admit that I'm human. I'll admit that I make mistakes. I'll admit that not everything works out the way I planned, even when I had the best intentions in mind. October was proof of that.

Now where do I start? I know! At the beginning...
  • Early in the month of October a friend contacted me for a custom copper quartz skull ring. The ring was perfect in every way and she was oh so happy. Come to find out an hour after she had the ring that it had to be cut off her hand - turns out she was allergic to copper. Who knew! I went on to remake the ring using silver and the result has been great - no reaction! All I can say honestly is that I'm so happy that this happened to a friend - someone who knew me in *real life* and knew my character, the quality of my work and my level of integrity.
  • Three weeks later I received an email from a customer who did not get the custom ring I made for them. Oh, they received a ring all right, but it was not theirs. In fact, their ring went 1,000 miles away to the person who's ring they had. I was, and still am MORTIFIED! You don't me from Adam, but this has NEVER happened before. You may be thinking...hey one package out of five years of shipping, that's a great track record. Me, I'm from the old school where one mistake is just one too many!

Why am I sharing all this with you? A permanent record on the world wide web forever and ever...well, for two reasons:
  1. I really need to just let it all out; it's a cleansing process. 
  2. To show you that you are not alone
Feel free to share your *mistakes* or better yet, how you over came them...


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Christie Cottage said...

We do all make mistakes!

That is for ssure!