Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Guide: Jewelry

2010 "My Picks" Etsy Gift Guide
Spotlight: Jewelry
Brand: MomentusNY

MomentusNY bills themselves as "Handmade, Simple, EVERYDAY ELEGANT jewelry" and in my opinion they truly pull their weight in this category.  MomentusNY's pieces can go from the office to evening in a matter of seconds.  

Lets not forget those special occasions either.  Have a holiday party to addend and looking for that very special piece to complement the outfit you've picked out weeks ago?  Give MomentusNY a peak - they might just have what you need.

Clockwise from left:
  1. gold autumn leaf and tree earrings; $18
  2. gold clover leaf lucky charm necklace; $27
  3. silver five orchids necklace; $30
  4. gold bird and tree earrings; $21
 Leave your favorite piece from MomentusNY in the comments section below.


Angelys said...

Gold clover leaf lucky charm necklace; $27... that piece I would wear it with just about everything.

Beth said...

Lovely picks!

Melody said...

Gorgeous pieces

aquariann said...

Gorgeous jewelry!

Laura said...

delightful! I'm considering posting about this seller as well... that's quality, elegant work - at a completely affordable price!

Eri said...


Your jewellery is truly amazing indeed! I was so happy to have stumbled acrossed it myself, it was a lovely post to do and I had a lot of nice feedback, prehaps one day I'll actually be able to get one as I am sure they are so much more beautiful 'in the flesh', sort of speak.
Thanks for writing back and following my blog, it's very much appreciated.

Thanks again,
Big kisses,

Emily-Claire Ballou said...

I adore the little bird! Great picks!